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Wild Realm Glass Water Bottle with Straw

Wild Realm Glass Water Bottle with Straw

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Studio Oh!’s glass water bottle with a straw offers the perfect way to sip the day away! This eco-friendly vessel holds 25 ounces of liquid and is made of shatter-resistant borosilicate glass. Coated with smooth-touch silicone, the bottle is soft, durable, anti-slip, and spill-free—and every part is reusable, including the body, drip-free lid, and plastic straw. Available in several word-based designs, these bottles double as statement pieces.

• Made with shatter-resistant borosilicate glass—an eco-friendly alternative to single-use containers

• Features a smooth-touch silicone coating and a drip-free lid with a plastic straw, making it easy to grip and preventing spills

• Designed with trendy, eye-catching artwork to appeal to every mood

25 oz/739 mL 10.5""h with straw (26.6 cm)

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